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Is glimepride once taken can not be stopped since it is said that it activates insulin production ? I am prescribed Metformin 1 mg plus Glimepride 2 mg. My fasting bs is now normal but ppbs is around 150/160 is it that there is a necesstiy of dose adjustment ?My age 56 years obese 110 kg plus ht on Tenoclor 100 with Losar A twice No cholestrol problem

What is the role of zinc, chromium and selenium for dibetics

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Dear Harsvdan,
I agree that your blood sugar is under fair control, but the control is because of metformin plus glimepiride. If you stop glimepiride it is likely to shoot up again. In most people with Type II diabetes, the body beomes tolerant to oral antidiabetic agents and as time pases one has to adjust doses upwards to achieve a good control. However an alternative to increasing the dose of metformin (whose ceiling dose is 2000 mg/day) we prefer to add a compound like Glimepiride. This should not be stopped. Some doctors prescribe Amaryl of Sanofi which is quite expensive, but there are cheaper brands available, for this information please check
Zinc, chromium and selenium do have a role in maintenance of health and Zn and Mg have a role in sugar control. However most people having normal Indian diet get sufficient minerals from diet and hence do not require any supplementation.
Please continue your medication and add excercise to the same, only adequate excercise can help you to reduce your drug dosage.
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Ravi Ghoi


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