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I wondered if there is a difference between Propranolol ER versus Propranolol  XL.  I gather that are both extended release (as compared to regular propranolol. Is the ER/XL thing just a name brand issue?



Hi Leigh,
In most cases XL and ER are interchangeable. You need to look at the individual pharmacoknetic characteristic of the formulation. For example an XL preparation of one substance may be designed to release over a 24 hour perod whereas the ER preparation of the same substance may be designed to release over a 12 hour period. In this case the XL and ER are NOT interchangeable. Such an example in real life is bupropion  which has 2 formulations that are not interchangeable. To my knowledge the propranolol ER and XL are interchangeable.
Thank you foor using Allexperts,
Eric Brandt, B.Sc. Pharm  


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