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hi,im 79 years old and in general good health.i have diabetes and hypertension/both well controlled.i have slightly enlarged prostate and moderate kidney impairment.i get these dam hives 2 or 3 times a week.benadryl is the only one that works.zertec and allegra are worthless.the other day a alleregist I went to gave me hydroxyzine 10 mg taken 3 times a  day total 30mg.from what I read they all effect prostate,but I don't have any urination problems.think the 30 mg hydroxyzine daily taken 3 times a week is relatively safe?


If you are finding Benadryl is sufficient for your needs, then I see little need to change.

Atarax will be effective at reducing the severity of the allergic reaction, but it can cause significant sedation in some people, and it has the potential to cause urinary retention.

It might be worth trying Atarax as an add-in to Benadryl, taking the Atarax initially as a single dose when the hives are particularly troublesome. It's effects can be short-acting (hence the three times a day dosing), but single doses may be sufficient additional treatment for a bad episode.

If you choose to try the Atarax, then do so with caution, if you find yourself becoming drowsy, your risk of falls is likely to increase and this can obviously have potentially serious consequences. Likewise, if you find passing urine more difficult, then you should stop the Atarax.

I hope this helps.


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