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QUESTION: My dr suggested me to take b12 injection as according to him the tablet of methycobalmin b12 does not absorb completely in the blood  What s the real fact ?

ANSWER: Hi Harsvadan,
The status of Vit B12 among Indian patients has been found to be really poor.Vit B12 injections boost B12 levels rapidly and have better therapeutic effect than mecobalamine tablets. I dont recall if you  are a diabetic, but if you are, then you must take vit B12 supplementation. If you have to take a few injections please go ahead and take them,,  they will only help you but will not harm you.
Best wishes
Ravi Ghooi

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QUESTION: If I have to take tablets, will it be as effective as injections and beneficial since tablets of b2 1500 mcg with folic acid 1.5 mg and b6 3 mg are readily available as the injections become inconvenient to find out a dr as we are in remote place.

Secondly, HCTZ 12.5 causes less uric acid increase than HCTZ 25 mg. since my dr says I should avoid diuretic like HCTZ more than 12.5 or should it be completely stopped.I am taking tenoclor ( 100+25) for BP with normal kindney finction but uric acid level of 8 mg but under control becuaseat 3 due to febuxostat 40 mg. Is it advisable to delete HCTZ or to reduce it from 25 to 12.5

Hi Harsvadan,
Absorption of B12 is known to be poor and in some cases of typicaly vegetarian people, it is very poor. You need to take injections for a week at the most. In any case if you have a real problem with injections, tablets will be the next best thing.
You should continue HCTZ at a lower dose, dont eliminate it totally.
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