QUESTION: I was facing pain in my bones and getting cramp and my hands and legs were getting numb if trying to hold something and facing pain as well.Got my vitamin D level checked has gone down to 13 and was advised by doctor to take Gemcal D3 and other calcium tablets for 3 months.Please advised if anything else to be taken care off and as,I am not able to run and play much sports as bones are paining.

ANSWER: Hi Shekhar,
It would be very difficult to answer your question without knowing anything about you. I would like to know your age, weight and basic physical parameters. Since when is this problem on and have you any other disorder.
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Ravi Ghooi

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QUESTION: As the information required by you are
Age 27yrs,Weight 64kg and height 5'11" don't have any disorder or medical history for any illness.Facing this problem from last 7 months as was getting paining in the bones while running walking and other parts of the body .That's were was advised by the doctor to test for Vitamin D and other Vitamins.Test report showed everything else fine but Vitamin D at 13.

Hi Shekhar,
Indians, probably because of darker skin colour are showing vitamin D deficinecy of late and a  number of reports are calling it an epidemic. The deficinecy leads to Osteomalacia, a bone-thinning disorder that occurs exclusively in adults and is characterized by proximal muscle weakness and bone fragility. You seem to be showing symptoms of this.
Firstly you should build vit D levels in your body. For this both injections and oral formulations are available. If there is a doctor ready to administer the injections, I would recommend that you talk to your doctor and if he/she is unsure about the dosage to use, please refer to the review at the following url:
After your levels are normalwe canthink whether you need any other intervention.
Ravi Ghooi


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