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Good day Dr. Ravindra, I am desperate to discontinue the use of Temazepam to treat my insomnia. I have been taking it for over two years and I have experienced terrible withdraw effects everytime  I try to discontinue ...It was prescribed initially by my Immunologist back in 2011 to treat my insomnia related to Truvada and Issentress therapy drugs, and I have not been able to replace it with any other sleeping drugs like Ambien, Lunesta....Can you please suggest  which medication/therapy can help to whitdraw from Temazepam? seems not even my primary care physician cares about the withdraw effects by simply replacing with a different drug....Thank you!

The best replacement for temazepam would be another drug of its chemical and pharmacological class. Both Ambien and Lunesta belong to a distinctly different class. My suggestion would be you try lorazepam or alprazolam. However since all these drugs are controlled items in most countries you will require a prescription for them.
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Ravi Ghooi


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