gisella,in our past e-mail you informed me chance of non-epilectic getting seizurers is onli 1%iam taking gabitril with ambien.does gabitril effect enlarged prostate/and is it safe to take with my blood thinner elliquis.thanks

Hi there, Howard.
Firstly, Gabitril (tiagabine) and Elliquis (apixaban) are safe to use together.  They do not interact with each other in any way.  

According to data from clinical trials, Elliquis was found to cause urinary retention 'infrequently' (where infrequently is defined as occurring in 1/100 to 1/1000 patients).  Such data is important but it must also be taken with a grain of salt.  Such incidences of urinary retention may have, in fact, been related to other medications a patient was on, or other conditions the patient was suffering.  Remember that pharmaceutical companies are obligated to list all reported adverse effects.  Having reviewed the drug's mechanism of action and the receptors it is known to engage with, it would be unexpected to cause issues with passing urine.  This is, of course,  theoretical, and is not always the case in practice.  The bottom line is that the known risk of causing urinary retention is low.  There is no evidence to suggest that it has any direct effect on the prostate itself.

I hope this helps.  All the very best.  


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