QUESTION: I am a 63 year old male who just started taking Lipitor 10 mg. Coincidentally, my wife has been on the same drug for a few years. My wife takes one tablet in the morning. My doctor's instructions were one tablet at bedtime. The Lipitor website just says to take it at the same time every day. I find it easier to remember to take it in the AM. Does it really matter when I take it? I understand that cholesterol is manufactured by the body at night, but I did see a reference that said that atorvastatin is long acting and it doesnt matter what time of the day you take it. Your opinion is appreciated.

ANSWER: Hi Jeff,
The bod makes cholesterol in the evening, hence we recmmennd that Lpitor be taken in the evening. It would be effective taken at any time of day byprobably more effective if taken in the evening. If you find it easier to remember to take it in the morning, that is better than not taking it at all.
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QUESTION: Thanks for the reply. Just to clarify: why would the Lipitor website indicate that  it can be taken at any time of the day, if it is more effectively taken at night? My understanding is that certain statins like Lipitor are long acting and it doesnt matter when you take them..... Thanks

Hi Jeff,
At the hospital where I work we asdvise people to take Lipitor at night because that is when the body makes its own cholesterol. We ry to schedule medications when they are likely to be most effective and pose fewer side effects. It is important to be consistent when taking the medication. As I said earlier, if morning works best for you, stick with it.
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