in a previous e-mail to you,you stated remeron was very popular in Australia.i know it stays  in body 20-30 hours.i am 80 and have gfr of 49.i think my kidney is age related because a gfr of 49 in a 80 year old is normal.think remeron is safe.literature just says people with kidney desease use with caution/does not breakdone doseage.I take 15mg

Hi there, Howard.
You should be fine.  The product literature specifies that the renal clearance of Mirtazepine (Remeron) is reduced by 30% in patients with moderate renal failure.  And it defines moderate renal failure by a GFR between 11-39mls/min (severe renal failure is <10ml/min).  Your GFR, although reduced, is not a cause for concern, and as you rightly point out, a reduction in GFR is normal as we age.  Furthermore, a dose of 15mg is relatively low. Even if there were to be some drug accumulation, it wouldn't be significant at this dose.  Having said this, we are always more cautious when it comes to dosing the elderly.  It all comes down to your clinical presentation and whether you are experiencing an increase in side effects (drowsiness, dry mouth etc).  

But as I said, this should not be an issue for you, Howard, as your kidneys should be clearing the drug adequately.  I hope this helps.  


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