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QUESTION: hi,i am 81 years old and have been taking lunesta and xanax1mg daily for years.i read all this literature about people dying earlier and getting cancer from sleeping pills.what does a person my age do/if I quit sleeping pills I cant sleep,which is bad for my health.i currently last couple of weeks take 10mg of sonata.i don't know how safe it is.tried remeron it made my dry eyes worse and I don't know how safe it is?someone suggested gabitril.


People are not dying earlier and getting cancer from sleeping pills.  I would please question the validity and reliability of the resources you are referring to.  Sonata it safe.  Remeron is safe.  Gabitril can be used for sleep as well.

Perhaps you could try seeing a sleep specialist? I am uncertain if you are seeing a family physician.  There are insomnia sleep trials available for participation.

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QUESTION: I agree with you that the fear mongers are putting it over the internet to scare the majority of people who are stupid and believe anything am seeing a psychiatrist.but in sonatas own literature it states elderly can get  dementia from taking it long term.i am currently trying remeron.they state surveys from  britain that people with sleeping pills long term get dementia and die earlier.but that have no idea what the people died from.thanks for your response people have been taking sleeping pills over 20 years and they damn well know if there was cognitive impairment you would have heard about it thanks

ANSWER: I am uncertain if there is a question here or not.  However, just to recap it is safe for elderly to take remeron, sleeping pills, and sonata.  There is no concrete evidence of getting dementia or dying earlier or else FDA would have pulled these commonly used drugs.  

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QUESTION: thanks these people are spitting out.the real danger old people who have no thought process will believe this bullshit will stop taking sleeping pills.they will die sooner  because lack of sleep will do more damage then any sleeping pill.this country has no regard for the elderly,letting them get away with untruth about sleeping PILLS.they did a scientific 20 yeat study at Berkley college.they found people who took Xanax daily for 20 years showed no more brain problems then people who never took Xanax.but you never heard of THAT study only the bull of sleeping pills causing DEMENTIA.MY HATS OFF TO YOUWHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT TAKING 0.5 KLONOPIN A FEW TIMES A WEEK FOR SLEEP

Taking 0.5mg klonopin a few times a week for sleep is fine as long as your doctor okays it.

Sleeping pills such as mirtazapine, sonata, lunesta, etc. are commonly use in skilled nursing facilities, long term care facilities, assisted living communities and other locations where geriatrics are the main population.


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