is it safe to take metronidazole after it's expiration date?


Manufacturers determine the stability of any medicine based on three factors - time, temperature and humidity. Usually the higher or longer one of these is, the shorter the life of a product will be.

They will also declare an expiry or use by date with a margin of safety to account for the variations of temperature and humidity whilst being used by the patient. However there are no set standards for how large this margin may be and some products (liquids and creams for example) will often have a narrower margin than tablets stored in ideal conditions.

Although I cannot recommend use of any product outside the manufacturers expiry date, the patient will know best how well the product has been stored and how long it is since it expired. They can then make their own assessment - a few weeks will probably not be a problem, but months or years will most likely mean the product has degraded to a greater or lesser extent.

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