QUESTION: I currently take 8mg   of gabitril with lunesta.if I add restoril to the gabitril is that like taking2 seizure medications is it safe where you wont lower seizure threashold

ANSWER: Hi Howard,
Have you been to a sleep clinic?
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QUESTION: eric,you don't answer a question with a question.but not to be rude I did go to sleep clinic and did overnite stay with wires.they don't know   shit gave me usual  crap ambien,lunesta ,and I don'towcurrentlywhy the hell he described klonopin.,all they want to do is sell the stupid sleep masks.currently I am going to psychiatrist.the reason why I asked you about the restoril is because the lunnesta to be ineffective,i think the gabitril and restoril 30 mg would give me a better sleep.can I  stop the 1mg Xanax without weaning off it since im goint to another benoziopine it a relatively safe med for say 6 months.please answer question.thanks howardnow that you know why I went to a sleep clinic you are getting my questions they tell everyone they have sleep apthea,scare the shit out of them and they buy a mask that makes noise keeping you from sleep for 400$

Hi Howard,
Did the sleep clinic tell you also that you have sleep apnea? I know here in Canada if they recommend  the CPAP machine they try it first to assess effectiveness. They keep you overnight and monitor. Did they do that with you? Taking Lunesta and Restril together to me sounds like ovedoing it. I have had people have success with Mirtazapine and Quetiapine. These are options to discuss with your doctor or psychiatrist.
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