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I am 69 years old, and sometimes I get pain in elbows, knees, back. I am reluctant to take pain medicine after reading all the warnings. is there any medicine that is safer than any other. I don't have stomach ulcers, but warnings always state could cause stomach bleeding.


Pain around the joints in a patient of your age is quite possibly due to arthritic problems. As such, the most common treatment is to use analgesics and anti-inflammatory agents, but as you say these are not without side effects or problems with long term use.

In the first instance, I would suggest using an effective dose of acetaminophen (2 x 500mg tablets up to four times a day when required). This can give reasonable pain relief without the risks of anti-inflammatory drugs. Providing you have healthy liver and kidney function such a dose would not be harmful.

A non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) can be added in if pain is severe and acetaminophen is not adequate. With NSAIDs, the likelihood of problems with gastric ulceration or bleeding, is largely dependent on three factors:

- the dose of drug taken
- the relative potency of the drug compared to others
- the duration it is used for

Ibuprofen is one of the mildest drugs, so can usually be used for longer at a low-medium dose compared to a more potent drug such as Naproxen.

If you feel you need to move on to an NSAID, it is probably advisable to speak to your general physician first so that he can advise on the most appropriate drug and confirm exactly what the underlying problem is. Longer term treatment options can also be considered e.g. joint surgery or steroid injections.

Other non-drug options are to maintain mobility as much as possible, without placing excessive load on the painful areas. So gentle swimming rather than a 10 mile run! Many also find that a warm bath is good to relax and improve circulation.

I hope this helps.  


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