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Pharmacy/xanax half-life


I am prescribed 2mg og Xanax a day but have been taking on average 4mg a day.  I have been doing this for several weeks.  I How many days would it take to get my levels down to were it would show the prescribed 2mg if I didn't take any mroe xanax?


Drug elimination rates can vary for a number of reasons (age, weight, liver & kidney function etc.), so it is difficult to give any definitive guidance.

Assuming the dose consumed is not so excessive that it overloads the elimination pathways, any normal blood level will reduce by around 50% every 12-15 hours. So after 48 hours very little of the original dose will remain.

However, where drug screening is used the tests can be very sensitive and detect the smallest amount of drug or its metabolites. In these circumstances, sufficient drug may remain to be detectable, even after a reasonable washout period.

Suffice it to say, the sooner an excessive use is reduced, the less likely that a test several days later will be to detect levels above what would have been expected for the normal dose.

The safest option is to only use any drug at the dose and frequency prescribed by your doctor.

I hope this helps.


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