hi old friend,i tried using your privare e-mail but it would not go problem is constant itching,i went to alleregist and he prescriber 30 mg hydroxyzide daily.its the only anti-histamine thar relieves the itching.tried zyrtec it sucks.the literature I read on people over 65 is they can take it but low doses.if I take low dose 30 hydroxyzine long term any bad effects like involuntary muscle movements or problems with urination.appreciate your help buddy because of my werewolf  claws I cant scratch when it itches  and god blessthe correct   spelling hclof drug is hydroxyzine hcl

Hi Brother Werewolf,
I am surprised that Cetirizine is not giving you the desired effect. Yet if hydroxyzine helps you, go ahead and take it. In fact cetirizine is a metabolite of hydroxyzine and when you  take hydroxyzine it gets converted in the body to cetirizine. For this reason I am surprised that cetirizine is not helping you.
All the best

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