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I have a simple question to which I thought I knew the answer but after reading some posts on forums, I might be wrong or they are wrong.

SSRI which are anticholinergics reduce the amount of acetylcholine in the brain right?  So it would be safe to say that upon stopping the anticholinergic SSRI, production of acetylcholine should be back to its normal activity.  Is this so?  If so, then why is lecithin and choline sugggested to help with SSRI withdrawal, when those help increase acetylcholine in the brain?  Doesn't the term ''acetylcholine rebound'' means just that, a sudden production of AChE and not the opposite?

Thank you!  I really need clarification on this.



Hi Jennifer,
You have got me confused like any thing. SSRIs affect 5 HT levels and not acetylcholine levels. But dont think I am stupid, because I need to check all information about this group of drugs before committing anything. Please give me 24 hours to respond fully to your question.
Ravi Ghooi

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