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First, thanks for taking the time to answer my question. My mom is 88 and on several medicines that 'Are Your Prescriptions Killing You' by pharmacist Armon Neel cautions against: alprazolam, metoprolol, and now omerprezole. In general, what are your thoughts on these medicines for elderly patients and alternatives? Does your practice include individual consulting? She lives in western Michigan. Thanks.

It's true that the meds you mentioned should be taken with caution in the elderly (over 65 yrs of age). It is also important to take into consideration what other medications a person is on, how their general health is, and what chronic diseases they have.
I do individual medication therapy management. If that would be something she would be interested in, I could meet with her to go over her medications. I live in Sparta,MI. which is about 15 miles north of Grand Rapids.Mary


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Mary E Scott, RPh, CGP


I am a certified geriatric pharmacist with over 23 years experience as a long-term care consultant to nursing homes. I also do community-based consulting on an individual basis. My facility-based monthly newsletter on pharmacy topics is read by nurses in over 200 long-term care facilities in 5 states.


I received a BS in Pharmacy in 1980 with post-graduate work in public health. I have had a Consultant Pharmacist license since 1984.

American Society of Consultant Pharmacists
.I received certification in geriatric pharmacy in 1998.

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