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i am dealing with cps and i take care of abandoned children and they gave me a random drug screen and i tested positive for benzo what would make me test positive for this please help these children are my life and they want to take them away becouse of it

Hi John,
There are a variety of tests used for detection of controlled drugs in people. Some methods are specific and some are non specific. In any case there are bound to be some false positives and some false negatives. In my interaction with FDA officials a few years ago, I was assured that no person is labelled on the basis of a single test, only when the  confirmatory test comes positive do they label an individual.
This basically an issue between your testing service and you, it would be necessary to convince them that you have not used a controlled substance. In July 2009 it was shown that Sertraline can cause false positive test to benzos. So I would suggest you let me know honestly all  the drugs that you take and I will go through available literature to point out what could have caused it.
All the best
Ravi Ghooi


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