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Do you mind telling me if this Hydrocortison ointment that I have (which is rather oily too) can help me with knee arthritis pain ? I've heard doctors sometimes use Cortisone injections for knee and joint pain that's why I asked.

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There is no problem with trialling the use of hydrocortisone ointment for joint paon, however I cannot guarantee it will be fully effective as the penetration into joints will be limited. That said, the act of rubbing a cream or ointment into the skin can improve the blood flow and ease pain.

My advice would be to try the ointment for a week or two and see how it goes. The only immediate danger is that repeated use of steroids can lead to thinning of the skin, so something to be aware of.

However, in the longer term I would recommend discussing the problem with your doctor and exploring all treatment options. Steroid injections into a joint can be useful in the medium term, but can cause problems in the long term if repeated.

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