I am prescribed EMLA cream. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia but i also have tendon and nerve pain. Would the cream effectively decrease pain in the extensor tendons of my fingers or would Voltaren gel be a better choice? Also which cream penetrates deeper?


EMLA is intended only for providing surface local anaesthesia, prior to cannula insertion, minor surgical procedures etc. I very much doubt if it will be very effective for more deep-rooted pain, though as with all topical treatments, there may be benefits from the physical application and rubbing in, which increases blood flow.

Voltaren may have some benefits for joint pain but the clinical evidence is poor (despite the marketing hype). Indeed there are suspicions that products may be withdrawn from the market or restricted to prescription only at some point in the future.

There are no immediate problems with using either product in the short term, but I wouldn't expect long term benefits and no complications.

If you are able, I would advise getting some advice from a physiotherapist on exercises and massage that can be used to keep your joints mobile and reduce pain.

I hope this helps.


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