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nigel,I am 80 years old and the internet is flooded with nonsense surveys that state people who take sleeping pills are 3 times more likely to die at earlier.i don't think definite link is established.i have been taken lunesta and Xanax together for over a year.should I be concerned?


With all due respect, at the age of 80 you have probably already exceeded the average for the US by quite a number of years, so in many respects your are on the winning side irrespective of what medication you may take. Therefore don't worry unnecessarily!

Statements and statistics such as that you refer to are usually poor in supporting evidence and anything that proves there is a definite link between medication and risk. Often it is only a casual (rather than causal) relationship, and contributing factors are never given. Is it that patients die in their drug-induced sleep, or that they have car accidents because of prolonged sedation, or that the underlying medical condition that is treated by medication is causing death by other causes (e.g. stress-induced heart attacks). They may have other conditions e.g. cancer that cause their death, and the sleeping tablets are part of the pain management regime. The possibilities are numerous, but never get explained.

I hope this helps.


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