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i was prescribed different strength topical steroids over time for an itch and rash i cant seem to fully get rid of. is there any concern as to applying theses different steroid creams one after the other. also when prescribing the different topical steroids i am also given a different anti fungal cream, that i am told to apply.


If you are finding that antifungal treatments are not effective, then I would wonder whether your doctor is treating the wrong problem. It might be worth having a skin sample examined by a laboratory to confirm whether there is a fungal infection present.

With regard to steroid creams, the normal approach is to start treatment with the lowest potency product and then progressively increase the potency if the condition does not settle. Once an effective product has been found, treat at that level and consider stepping down potency as the condition improves. Long term use of potent steroids can cause thinning of the skin, which impairs healing and risks further infection or breakdown.

I hope this helps.


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