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Hi Eric and belated Happy New Year!
I was getting to the point where I was up three times a night to go to the bathroom. Since there were no bladder or prostate issues on my recent medical, I asked my doc if I could switch to Avapro, the non diuretic form of Avalide(Irbestarsan). There also seem to be a few not good side effects with the thiazide diuretic, including blood sugar issues. I am not diabetic, but it runs in my family, and I do have symptoms of insulin resistance. I decided to try using the non diuretic formulation.  My doc was reluctant, but agreed to try on a trial basis (one month) and after that to try something else.
Two weeks in, and not only am I NOT getting up to pee, my bp readings are actually lower than they ever were with the avalide ()with the Avalide, sometimes they could still read quite high). Also, my irritable bowel symptoms of nausea and bloating have disappeared, my waist has gone down a belt notch, I have more energy and I have lost two pounds!
Do you think this is a result of stopping the thiazide diuretic, and should I continue? Is a diuretic really necessary anyway? Thanks!

Hi Bud,
Diuretics are often first line therapy to reduce blood pressure. Other dugs are then added to achieve optimal blood pressue reduction. Diuretics can cause electrolyte imbalance. Medications such as Avapro  conserve potassium which diuretis deplete. Sine you dropped the diuretic I suggest you have your electrolytes rechecked. As to you feeling better since the change, it is quite possible that the diuretic was responsible for the adverse effects you were experiencing. You may be on to a good thing here but recheck your electrolytes. You may need to limiit you potassium intake.
Thank you for using Allexperts.
Eric Brandt, B.Sc. Pharm


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