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I was put on Noritriptoline for chronic headaches / migraines.  I started on 10 mgs and went up to 40.  After I went on the higher dose (one month) I noticed more eye twitches, a weird twitch in my left side of face going up to my jaw,  and slight tremor in left finger.  I decided to wean myself off of this - as it was having NO effect on my headaches.  In total I was on this for 3 mos.  So I just finished my last 10 mg pill two days ago.  My eye is still twitching and I'm wondering how long will this take to subside - IF the medication was the cause.  The only thing I could find on-line was stated it stays in your system for 10 days.  Could I still see effects after that? Have you ever seen a patient that had the same side effects with this drug?  Thank you for your time - I really appreciate it!

Nortriptyline in persons older than 65 yrs can cause problems because it is not metabolized as fast so side effects are more common.
That being said, 40mg a day is not that high of a dose. What other meds are you on, including herbals and vitamins? Does your doctor have
a complete list of these?
If you would like to send me this list, I can look it over for drug interactions.
Hope. this helps, Mary


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