hey doctor ,

I recently got injected with perlutal but I have a question I started my period dec 24 and I got the injection on dec 28 was  that a good time or did I had to wait till the seven day after my period is over or do I have till the 7 day starting from the day I start my period to inject my self  please help I recently got married and we don't want kids for now ...... By the way I had sex w my husband on dec 29 and he came in me for the first time so am really worry

Hi Vania,
There is no need to worry for two reasons. Firstly your period began on 24 December, the bleeding would stop around 28th or 29th (four or five days menstruation) You had sex immediately after stopping bleeding, hence the likelihood of pregnancy is extremely low.
Secondly, if your period began on 24th that means the next ovulation would take place around 4th or 5th January, and your best period of fertility would be between 4th and 9th January 2015. Outside these dates, you are not likely to conceive.
There is a ovulation calculator available on the net ( which you can bookmark and use to either prevent or become pregnant.
All the best
Ravi Ghooi


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