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Pharmacy/interview question


2.   Why did you become a retail pharmacist?

3.   What are the pros/cons of being a retail pharmacist?

4.   What is your average daily workload?

5.   What do you like the most about your job?

6.   What are the primary tasks for a technician at your pharmacy?

7.   During a typical week in the retail pharmacy, how many compounded prescriptions do you fill or complete?

8.   Why do you believe compounding is considered a specialty? (Your interpretation of the interviewee’s answer should be at least 100 words).

I am not a retail pharmacist and never have been.  I have always worked in a hospital as a clinical pharmacist and for the Pharmacy Board of Australia as an examiner and exam writer.  I'd be more than happy to answer your questions from my perspective as a clinical pharmacist, but I'm not sure whether you have a specific interest in retail only.  
Please let me know.


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Gisella Campanelli


I am able to answer questions relating to pharmaceuticals, therapeutic regimes and primary health care. This includes offering advice on drug indications, dosages, and disease state management. I can also identify side effects, drug interactions and contra-indications, and offer recommendations on ways to mitigate these. I can diagnose minor illnesses and suggest appropriate over-the-counter remedies and/or preventive healthcare tips. I can recognize cardinal symptoms which would otherwise require referral to a medical practitioner.


I am a registered pharmacist in Australia, and I have practiced in a hospital pharmacy for over thirteen years. My clinical specializations lie within the areas of psychiatry and general medicine (including gastroenterology, respiratory, endocrinology, neurology, infectious diseases, gerontology, dermatology). I self-managed the training program for pharmacy interns in preparation for their final registration exams, and I have worked for the Pharmacy Board of Australia as an examiner and exam writer.

I hold a Bachelor of Pharmacy from the Victorian College of Pharmacy, Monash University, and I am board-registered to practice within Australia. I also hold a Master's degree in an unrelated field (art conservation).

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