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Dear sir,

I am bit confused as regards difference in price of the different brands. Glycomet gp 2 is for Rs.118 for 15tabs. Whereas systopic lab. Same drug Isryl M2 is for Rs 36 per 10 tablets.

what is the reason for such a vast difference of the same contents with different it correct to assume that low priced drug is substandard or poor quality as compared to high priced brabd. If u am using such low priced drug or say generic drug, am I compromising the quality?

Hello Sir,
The problem with drug  prices is that they are  not  well regulated, hence any  company is allowed to charge what they want. This leads to a variation in  prices. But this does not mean that the quality is bad, some low cost drugs  are very  good quality. For diabetes choose a low cost brand and  stick to  it, if you dont change your brand you will have no problem.
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