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Do you think a pill that you can take to make you not want nicotine and not need to smoke could reduce the number of smokers? What chemicals would be safe to block the neurotransmitters caused by nicotine and help with relieving the symptoms of smoking?

Hello Missa,
Yes, I do think that pills that help people to stop smoking will reduce the number  of people who smoke. But the funny thing is that these pills will not prevent new people from starting smoking. Hence youngsters will continue  to experiment and only when they wish to leave smoking will they take these drugs. We may be able  to cure the habit  of smoking  but not prevent people from becomming smokers.
It is difficult to say what will the overall picture will be.
On a pessimistic note, about 1% of the population is always addicted to something, earlier it was opium, then drugs, alcohol, nicotine. It is something  or the  other, I do not whether we can change this pattern, by giving them something that is addictive but not harmful. In a novel written in 1932 by Aldous Huxley "Brave New World" he suggested the use of Soma, but that was fiction, I  really dont know whether we will find something to satisfy the addictive urge, something that will not damage the addict and the society.
Unless we find a completely safe way of manipulating the brain, it is impossible to  say  which chemicals can block smoking safely. Most of these drugs are so new, we do not  know their long term effects.
Thanks for asking this thought  provoking question.
All the best
Ravi Ghooi


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