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Pharmacy/CRH antagonist access antalrmin etc


Dear Sir,
        I have been researching options for my daughter who exhibits a wide range of symptoms, auditory sensitivity, misophonia, social anxiety, isolation approaching paranoia, sleep myoclonus like sleep pattern, hypnogogic hallucinations, anxiety, OCD behaviors, depression, ADD like learning issues, etc.  We are faced with an "elephant and five blind men situation" where every practitioner sees a radically different diagnosis depending on what symptom they focus on.  She has been tried on a variety of meds, most none sedative sleep preparations are of no effect.  She is apparently exquisitely sensitive to SSRI medications, experiencing what I can only describe as extreme cutaneous akathesia to low doses.  Here is where we enter odd country.  It appears the only thing that has made much of a difference in increasing her tolerance to the world has been an adrenal gland preparation prescribed by a naturopath for "adrenal fatigue".  During her first time on this supplement, she slowly became more tolerant of the outdoors to the point of attending classes for three months during the summer, low stimulus time at the school she attended, and tolerating driver's ed classes.  A monumental accomplishment for this housebound person.  She was taken off this preparation as per the naturopath's protocol and did well until she had a week long low grade fever and malaise, a virus possibly, and relapsed and has not been back to school since.  She has since been placed back on the supplement and has slowly improved although she has not yet reached her past ability to tolerate the world or to return to school.  When taken as a constellation, all her symptoms seem to orbit around the HPA axis and CRH in particular.  The apparent response to the adrenal preparation has me wondering if it is helping to down regulate CRH and whether CRH antagonists might be of benefit to her.  Is there any way to access clinical trials or benevolent protocols for Antalarmin in particular of other CRH antagonists?  Thanks for any help you might be able to give us.

Hi Marc,
I am sorry  for the delay in replying you since my brother-in-law was operated yesterday for  gastric cancer and  I was busy with him.
I cannot comment about naturopathy since I have no knowledge about  it.
Antalarmin was expected to have  a good  activity but results  have been disappointing, two  newer derivatives viz, CP 154,526 of  Pfizer and Pexacerfont of BMS are under study  and they show greater potential.
I  suggest you  contact the companies, I too will  do  so, but you stand a better  chance of  receiving  a faster reply because you  are the father of the  patient.
Let us both work  on  this.
All the  best
Ravi Ghooi


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