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Pharmacy/non sulpha diuretic/ strong med 4 gerd


thank you...i forgot to ask these questions on my last email...
i retain dr was going to give me lasix, but i swell when i take it...i once tried  ethycrinic was ok...but my dr. is not familiar with there a newer/non-sulpha diuretic? something i can mention to my doctor?
and....i also have acid reflux....can't take omepremazole, or pantapremazole....tum's and rolaids are not strong dr mentioned nexium? is there anything strong, and new that you can discuss.
thank you grace

Hi  Grace,
There are a large number of diuretics that can reduce the water in your body,  it  is important to know why these drugs are being prescribed for you, are you hypertensive or what  is the exact indication, please let me know.
For acid reflux instead of trying the omeprazole or other proton pump inhibitors why not try plain and simple ranitidine? That may give you the relief.
All the best
Ravi Ghooi


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