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QUESTION: I had my 4th random drug test at work. All other tests have been negative. This test came up positive for cocaine metabolites. I had a jaw surgery and had taken my last amoxicillin pill the morning of the drug test. I had been taking them for 6 weeks.  I saw on line that amoxicillin can test positive for cocaine?  Who would have thought such a coincidence could happen. I am 57 and have never ever taken cocaine. I have never been under suspicion of using any drugs. I worked 50-60 hours a week.  I am married to the same man for 34 years and have 3 grown sons.  They have never been suspected of using drugs either. They have all went to college and now have very good jobs.  I do take a number of prescription drugs for my blood pressure, thyroid, asthma and cholesterol.  I was also using oragel for my mouth pain. I have a prescription for Percocet from my surgery. I haven't even taken all of those. My drug test did not show anything but cocaine.  I am not a drug user. I would probably have a heart attack or stroke if I took cocaine due my my family history of heart disease. My mom had a stroke at 43 and died at 70. My dad had a heart attack at 68 and died.
Anyway, I was fired and have since obtained a lawyer. The MRO said it couldn't be a false positive.  If they are correct then the urine specimen cannot be mine. I am looking into DNA (which is only a 20% chance of being in the urine), possible hormone testing and testing for my prescription drugs. I do take a beta blocker also. Can they tell if this urine is make or female and shouldn't my daily drugs be detected in this urine specimen. I am at my wits end here. The chain of custody is intact. When humans are involved mistakes can be made. All that I know is that I didn't take cocaine. HELP!!! Any ideas for me would be appreciated. I made over  $180,000 a
year.  I will run out of money soon.

ANSWER: Hi Josephine,
The system of testing for drugs is pretty focused and accurate, I  have not  come across any report that says that amoxicillin can be mistaken for cocaine, at least not a scientific method. I would suggest you challenge the  report of the  lab. The legal drugs you  are taking will show up in  the urine, but they do not test for that.I  think the best option is to talk to a lawyer, he  or she can guide you best.
All the best
Ravi Ghooi

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QUESTION: Do you know if urine can be tested for my prescription drugs?  Can they tell by hormones if the urine belongs to a male or female?  I do have a lawyer because I don't believe that urine is mine if the amoxicillin or local anestetics cannot create a false positive.  I am in the process of getting the urine released for further testing.  If my prescription drugs aren't in there then that urine cannot be mine.  I am going to lose my license over this. Am I wasting my money?  Believe me, I have never taken cocaine.  So all the stuff on the Internet about amoxicillin is incorrect?  That is what they said too!  If you have any ideas or know the answer to my questions please let me know.



Dear Josephine,
I am convinced that you have not taken the drug, the question  is are the  authorities convinced?
Normally labs do not check  urine samples for prescription drugs, though it can be done, nobody is interested in it.  By checking levels  of hormones one can  often tell if it is male or female urine, but in post menopausal women that  could  be difficult as hormone  levels  are low.
Most stuff on the internet about washing out drugs from your body by using plant extracts and false positivies given by amoxicillin and other drugs is nonsense. Some time back there was a group in US who tried to challenge  this testing in US, but they lost the case  in US.As far as I know the only way  is to challenge the test results individually.
You have all my sympathy, but  unfortunately I have no answer. In my own country I would have sued the government and would probably win, I am not sure about the US.
All the best


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