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I'm prescribed oxycodone but am out of town an the Cavs pharmacy I got them filled at gave me white round pills says oxycod 80mg on bottle could u tell me if that is wat. They are mine are usually green

To identify a  pill, we need more information, like:
1. Is there  any print?
2. Is  it scored?
3. Which is the manufacturer?
With a description of 'white round pill' is is not possible to identify it. If you can provide additional information, I will try to help you.


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I can provide information on drugs and medicines, their actions, uses, interactions and adverse effects. To avoid confusion, generic names of medicines may please be provided. I am a pharmacologist, having worked on animal and human pharmacology, and presently I am the Dean of Bilcare Research Academy, where we teach courses on clinical research. We dont work on saturdays and sundays, hence questions reachng me on these days will be replied on Monday, please bear with me.

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