I have a topical acne medication, De La Cruz Sulfur Ointment 10%, that is 6 months past the exp. date on the jar. I've used other products, like benzoyl peroxide, that were still good literally years after the exp. date. Would it be the same with this product, or does sulfur lose its effectiveness?  Thanks

Hi Lee,
Obviously my professional 'on-record' response would be that medications should never be used beyond their date of expiration.  Realistically, a tube of sulfur cream/oint just 6 months past its expiration is probably ok to use.  Pharmaceutical companies test the decomposition of their products extensively.  They define a product's shelf-life as the time it takes for the active ingredient to decompose (or drop in concentration) by 10%.  So, theoretically at the time of its expiration, 90% of active drug should be present.  Sounds pretty good, right?!  But the problem is no firm studies have been done beyond this point.  There's no way of knowing how quickly it degrades after this time.  Furthermore, a pharmaceutical product is made up of much more than just its active component, and all these 'excipients' play an important role in how the ointment behaves.  How quickly these degrade is not known either.  You usually know something's wrong when you open a jar and notice an unusual odour (one which had not been there previously) or colour, or oil and water components begin to separate, etc.  I don't believe that sulfur creams/oint degrade to anything harmful, so if anything, you may not get the same efficacy it once had.  

So, Lee, in all likelihood, the ointment, being 6 months past its date of expiration, is "probably" safe and effective.  However, it would be worth your while purchasing a new jar.  I'm not sure what size jar you have, but these products can usually be purchased for less than $10.  Why risk it?

I hope this helps.


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