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Hi Dr.Ravindra I have some questions for you.I had a baby on february and after that i got the depo provera shot and i had to go back to get my shot again on june 24,2015 and i didnt because i was going to start getting a shot of perlutal but i have not had a period because of the depo provera shot so i am wondering when should i get the shot if i dont have a period anymore would it work effectively and right away?

Hi Karen,
After pregnancy, the  resumption  of periods usually signals the  onset of ovulation and hence the risk of  pregnancy. However generalizations like this are notorious for being false.
Depoprovera will give you  protection for  about 6 months, and since you have taken  perlutal the safe period has been enhanced. I wuld suggest you use an addition contraceptive method till you get your  periods and then continue on either depo provera  or  perlutal,  which  ever you prefer. Till you  get your periods  there is  little risk  of pregnancy,but  one can never  tell. SO  use of  a barrier will give  you  total  protection, and after  your periods begin you may choose any contraceptive.
All the best
Ravi Ghooi


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