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Is enalpril now out of date in view of emrrgence of sartan group. Is it still effective as vompared to losartan or telmi. Why this is being less prescribed.

ANSWER: Hello,
Enalapril is not outdated or obsolete, but many people do not find it suitable, because of its cough causing effect. Yet some people find that it suits them and they use it.
Ravi Ghooi

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QUESTION: Apart from side effect, is it as egfective line any othrr sartans including the recent advanced sartans gor bp.

Efficacy wise enalapril is as good as losartan and when they are used together they have additive effects. I would not be able to comment on their individual efficacy since reports suggesting the benefits of one over the other are plenty and confusing. In case a patient finds enalapril inadequate or problematic I would shift the person to losartan, but if a patient is well controlled I see n reason to change.
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Ravi Ghooi


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