Respected Sir,  I am writing after a long time. I am 58 years male obese diabetic and hypertensive.  I am on Atenolol 100 once HCTZ 25 mg Losartan 50 mg twice and Amlodepine 50 mg twice.

Due to elevation in BP,  180/90 my internist added Minipress XL 5 mg. Due to its side effectsI was scared and started with prazocin 2.5 in the night. After 10 days hangover is there but bp is in range of 140/85. When I vonsulted my internist he asked me to replace with Arkamin 100 twice daily.

My point is should I continue Minipress XL 5 mg or 2.5 to optimise its efficacy. I think there are no options for me. I am also afraid of Arkamin. I may inform that I have urine frequency in night also.

I started with prazocin 2.5 due to apprehension of side effects.

Kindly suggest me. Regards

Dear Sir,
Yours is an interesting question. What would suit a person  with your profile, prazosin as a plain tablet or as an extended release tablet (Minipress XL)?
My opinion is, when in  doubt, avoid XL preparations. The reason I say this, is that XL preparations have long  effect, while with normal formulations the effect is for short  time. If you find problems with prozosin (plain), you can discontinue it immediately. So the choice of prazosin is in my  opinion  a good choice.
About urination at night. I  recently felt the same problem and hence  did a thorough literature  search. Yes the frequency of urination increases with age and there is nothing we can do  about it.
So please continue with prazosin in the  morning, try out another  dose at night, if it makes you  uncomfortable discontinue the evening dose, continue the drug only in the morning.
This should solve your problem.
All the best
Ravi Ghooi


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