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QUESTION: hello,have not heard from you in months.i have a question maybe you can research it out for me.15 days ago I hit my head on side of ct 10 hours later was 15 days later only symptom is dull acre and very mild headache on top of  headthink its head bleeding after 15 days but I wonder if I should start my blood thinners.maybe you have neurologist friend my oonly symptom is dull pain on top of head and back of neck 15 days after fall.appreciate any info howard

ANSWER: Hello Old Friend,
Problems at home kept me busy. My brother in law has been detected to  have stomach  cancer. He underwent three cycles of chemo followed by  surgery  and was released from the hospital  yesterday.
Starting a thinner like aspirin would be ok but I would not like you  to start Clopidogrel or something of  the sort. Since the  CT was fine I  really do  not suspect anything serious,  unless  they have totally  bungled up the scan. I would suggest you start a simple anti inflammatory analgesic  like ibuprofen and let me know.
I am sorry for being out of touch for long.  
All the  best

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QUESTION: sorry to hear about your brother in law.try to find out if dull acre on top of head after 15 days og head injury is sign of bleeding

Hi Howard,
Do you  actually see blood oozing out? But you  can rule out internal bleeding, when that happens the effects are very severe, a minor headache is  never an indication of internal bleeding. Tomorrow I am attending a medical conference where I am sure to meet a  number of specialists, I shall check with them.


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