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QUESTION: Respected Dr Ravi sir,

I had sought guidance recently as regards Lasilactone 50 and your responses were reassuring.

However, with the Lasilactone 50 my bp has been under control like 135/85 and 130/80. But its side effect like urination frequence after taking it in morning is pronounce and uoto 3 to 4 hours I feel body moisturised and hydrated. Secondly besides lasilactone 50 I am taking Atenolol 100 Amlodipine 10 mg Nd losartan 100 mg . My worry is abt side effect profile like  possibility of elevation in creatinine hairfall malreast enhancement. What to do ? My family physician says I have 2 options ; 1. I may discontinue lasilactone and start Dytor plus since it has less incidence of kidney damage. 2. I may discontinue lasilactone and take Amlopress At and Losar H morning at 8 am. Around 6 evening I may repeat Amlopress AT and Losar H.  Pl guide me. I am seeking guidance as I am confused. I am not scared of frequent urination agter taking lasilactone but I am scared of side effect profile like creatinine elevation kidney damage etc since in my family and my citcle I am a witness to lot of members suffering kidney problems. Hence I am bothering you. Re

Personally I dont think that lasilactone puts you at a greater risk. I am not saying that the reports of side effects are wrong but in  very cases is it proved that the side effects were caused by  the drug under question. About  50% of aide effects have no relation with the  drug in question, so I  would request you to take  the drug for a few days  and then let us think if a change is required.
All the best.

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Many thanx for response with reassurance. I have been taking lasilactone 50 since last 22 days. My PCP says tha Torsemide causes lesser kidney damage. Is it true ?  In that event, should I give Dytor plus a try ?

I have been  searching information about these drugs unfortunately a combination of furosemide and spironolactone  is  not  available anywhere hence getting data on direct comparison  of  this formulation with torsemide  is difficult  to  fine. However going through data on individual drugs suggests that torsemide does  have very little kidney toxicity, where as renal effects are listed for spironolactone. However the exact percentage of patients who went into kidney failure following the use  of  this drug is  not known. It is  therefore very difficult  to  predict the  safety. To be very honest I am unable to say  if one is better than the other. On one hand you have the efficacy of combination which is better and on  the other you have a higher toxicity. So this  is a decision  one must take on ones own. But I personally am using spironolactone for the  last five years and  would not shift despite available evidence.
All the  best
Ravi Ghooi


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