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I'm 69 and normally in excellent health.....I've been a daily runner for over 20 years and have excellent blood test #'s, etc.....I have been a "sufferer" of pvcs/pacs for over 40 years....they come and go and like so many others, I've had every test known to man.....My cardiologist says they are benign and there's really no rhyme or reason to them...I know all the triggers; caffeine, etc., and avoid them but it doesn't make any difference.....Needless to say, I am anxiety prone over these things and have been for a long time.....My Doctor decided I should try Citalopram (10 mg) low dose to start to help me deal with these things.....I'm not opposed to using it but I noticed in the information on this drug that you should not take it if you have been diagnosed with irregular heartbeats....*Not sure if that applies to me or not since my "extra" beats are considered benign.....
I've been on it for only 6 days and can stop if necessary.....wonder what you think.....

*I can't take a beta blocker due to low resting heart rate from all the running

Thanks so much

Hi Don,
The effects of Citalopram on the heart are dose dependant. The dose you are taking is low and I do not expect that it will cause any harm. Citalopram is very effective in controlling anxiety and may be beneficial if your pvcs are triggered by anxiety.
Thank you for using Allexperts.
Eric Brandt, B.Sc. Pharm


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