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hello friend,lost your perpersonal e-mailneed advivce on lower urinary infection.had 3 in past year and  took doxycycline 3 times last year.i want anti-biotic that is least likely to cause don't  think doxycycline will be effective for uninary infection since I used it  3 times last time a year ago.i take blood thinners and am allergic to sulphur.any anti-biotic for uninary infection that has low c-diff last doctor offered cipro said no thanks.keep your teeth sharpned Dracula has a new job for you

Hello Old Friend,
I have your email stored but I dont remember it.
I agree with you, the problem C. deficile is more common in people over 65, now  that includes me too! There are a few things one can do to reduce the  incidence of this infection:
1. Regular hand washing (use  of a sanitizer is less effective than soap and water)
2. Use of probiotics (many are available in the market, I believe in yoghurt)
3. Avoid uncooked foods like salads.
Now coming to treatment fluoroquinolones are the  best, but you are averse to  ciprofloxacin,the Mayo clinic advices two approaches:
1. For mild to moderate infection, doctors usually prescribe metronidazole (Flagyl), taken by mouth. This is not FDA approved but recommended by Mayo.
2. For more severe and recurrent cases, vancomycin (Vancocin), also taken by mouth, may be prescribed.
For C. deficile as with most disorders, prevention is better than cure, and  I have a lot of success with  probiotics, specially yoghurt, in my experience it works in humans and rabbits(many  of my animals used to die because of  this when used for antibiotic testing, I finally saved them with thin yoghurt solutions). Do try these things.
So all the best dear friend. Take care.
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