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QUESTION: dear Mary, my elderly mum suffers exhaustion and tiredness almost everyday, she has had some blood tests and been given folic acid, also vitamin d added. can we take this further with the GP as she is still quite exhausted, she is 89 and lives with me in the family home, she is fairly independent but her tiredness affects everything.

ANSWER: Hi, Philip,
You did not mention if she is taking any other medications.  I would be happy to look over her medication list and make recommendations. Mary

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QUESTION: hello Mary
she takes ramipril for blood pressure, 25mg a day.

ANSWER: If this is causing her BP to be on the low side, you may want to ask her doctor to wean her off it . Mary

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QUESTION: thankyou Mary,
we saw our GP today: BP and oxygen levels are ok, he checked blood tests (she takes folic acid and vit d) also;
anything else to look at? can you advise any further about the exhaustion, and can sleeping medication help?

Hi, I would not recommend any kind of sleeping medication.
As far as the exhaustion is concerned, Is she getting any kind of exercise or does she just sit in a chair all day?
If there is no physical cause for the exhaustion, she may have depression. Depression manifests itself differently in the elderly. Mary


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