QUESTION: Hello, I had an UTI about a month ago I wish I could remember the name of the medication I was given. I can't  I was  to take  it 2 times a day for 7 days.  after I took the 3rd pill, my legs were bothering, I asked a pharmacist and he said yes that is an effect.  He left it up to me if I wanted to continue with it.  I was a little worried about it so I didn't want to. I had no more frequency discomfort or cloudy urine they thought it must have been a mild infection.  And caught early.  I talked to the The Nurse practitioner and he called in a prescription for Bactrim.  He said it will last about a year, so if I have symptoms again, it would be on hand to take, what all this rambling boils down to is I'm not sure about the Bactrim.  Is it something that causes side effects. thank you

No medication is free of side effects. Bactrim is no exception. Using an antibiotic when it is not necessary or the incorrect one can lead to bacterial resistance. An antibiotic should be utilized once the bacteria and its sensitivity is known.
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QUESTION: Thank you for your help ....I'd only use the Bactrim if I have the symptoms like cloudy urine, frequency discomfort etc. I'm assuming that's why the prescription was given.  I'm concern with how severe the side effects are.  I've taken antibiotics in the past not often, but I don't remember having a reaction.  When I had soreness in my legs from the first prescription,  and had about 5 days left I thought not so sure this is a good idea.  thanks again

Hi Jan,
Bactrim is usually a reasonable antibiotic for urinary tract infections. However, as I said earlier, it is best to determine which bacteria is in causing the infection and treating with an appropriate antibiotic. If you get frequent urinary tract infections, acidifying the urine with vitamin c or cranberry can help reduce the frequency of these infections.
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