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Pharmacy/false positive marijuana testing (urine)


Redbrd wrote at 2007-12-19 06:44:03
I have been so frustrated. I have a pain doctor that tests for how well I metabolize my meds. He has me on heavy pain killers, like junkies use to get clean. I am not saying anything bad about people using it to get clean, but it is used for pain. I have been found permanently disabled in my leg. The doctors have told me that they are finding levels of THC in my system. I flipped out. The testing is not required by law or anybody, it is voluntary. Since I have failed drug tests, that can disqualify me for VESID, workers comp, my student loans and at work I get tested randomly. The work testing not voluntary. I am going to school and have all A's and B's. At least now I am not the only one facing the problem.

Kathy wrote at 2012-12-12 23:57:43
Well today i was dismissed from the pain clinic i go to because a urine test came out positive for THC.  I do take Protonix, which i have read will cause a false positive.  I am really upset over this as i do not use illegal drugs of any kind!

injundigger wrote at 2013-05-08 20:25:34
The same thing happened to me today.....have not seen weed in over 30 can you repute the test???


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