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Gud day ma'am, wanna ask some question regarding to judge wedding by the way i'm iza and i have american bf who stayed here in puerto he was married before but they got divorce morethan 5 years and we are planning  to get married here in Palawan by judge only, just want to ask some questions what are the requirements and steps to consider... Thank you...hope you can help us it is highly appreciated.. God bless us! Merry Christmas

Hi, I'm not an expert on such matters. These are legal issues and I have no knowledge about the laws in Philippines or Puerto Rico. Please contact a good lawyer, explain to him the situation and he will be able to guide you better than me.

Hope this helps.


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I can answer questions regarding travel to the Philippines for both business and leisure. Anybody wanting to know the best beaches, archipelagos, coral reefs, dive sites, island resorts, including cheap flights etc. At the same time PLEASE DO NOT ask me about applying for a visa, immigration, customs formalities. Please note that I DO NOT have any experience or expertise in setting up a business in the Philippines or what are the procedures that one needs to follow if you want to get married to a local Filipino. I also DO NOT have any information about how to apply for a visa. For such questions it is best that you approach the local Philippine Embassy in your own country and enquire there.


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