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Hello Nilesh - My husband is to be located in Manila, Alabang for the next two years. My main concerns are: Firstly I have a 15 yr old daughter who has just started college - 11th standard (Arts) and a 9 year old daughter who is right now in 04th standard. Please help me to find a good education institution for them...but not overly expensive.  Also with the 4 of us to be staying there what would be the approximate monthly cost of living for a decent life style.

Hello Uma,

I'm more geared towards answering questions on tourism and other such places in the Philippines if you want to have a brief holiday there. I do not have any experience of living in the Philippines on a long term basis - I stayed in hotels and service apartments during my frequent trips there and had all my expenses taken care of by my company. Also I did not have school going children even at that time and hence did not explore that issue at all.

My suggestion would be to approach your husband's local colleagues directly and seek advice from them on these issues as they would be more current and also more in tune with your needs.

Hope I have not disappointed you but I only wanted to be honest.

While in the Philippines do take out time to travel to all the islands and enjoy the lovely beaches that many of them have to offer - some often within driving distance from Manila.

Thank you


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I can answer questions regarding travel to the Philippines for both business and leisure. Anybody wanting to know the best beaches, archipelagos, coral reefs, dive sites, island resorts, including cheap flights etc. At the same time PLEASE DO NOT ask me about applying for a visa, immigration, customs formalities. Please note that I DO NOT have any experience or expertise in setting up a business in the Philippines or what are the procedures that one needs to follow if you want to get married to a local Filipino. I also DO NOT have any information about how to apply for a visa. For such questions it is best that you approach the local Philippine Embassy in your own country and enquire there.


I have travelled often to the country on business and when here for longer periods have never missed an opportunity to explore the country's hidden treasures - mostly the beaches and dive sites.

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