Hello ! We will be traveling this november 3rd for  3 weeks to manila, boracay and palawan. mostly staying in Boracay and Palawan. We were interested to know if you could recommend some places to visit or to stay in in Palawan. Also, is this the rainy season or the end of it ?

Thank you !

Hello Vic,

I would urge you to spend more time in Palawan than Boracay. From what I read and understand Boracay is a one-beach wonder because of the striking whiteness of the sand. But this beach has been encroached upon by shacks and stuff and there loads of local tourists on the beach especially during the time that you will be there.

Palawan on the other hand, is a large sausage shaped island and has much more to offer. I would suggest that you purchase a good travel book on the Philippines like LONELY PLANET, ROUGH GUIDE, FODDORS or LETS GO and go thru the relevant sections. You can then decide on your own based on your interests. Here are some websites that can also help you decide - - this is a nice quiet resort where we had stayed when we went there in Nov 2009

Hope this helps and have a great time in the Philippines.

Take Care


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