Hi bill im looking to rent a place in manila with my gf and her 6 year old  girl .we need a place from  29th march till 14 april .if u have any available place can u plz email to me .

Hi Robin, We have 38 rooms with 8 private room rates P300 to P950 so please EMAIL: the TYPE of room you prefer? March 29 to April 14. Weekly discounts for rooms P550 / night and above.

For 24 Hour Airport PickUP Service in Blue Pajero PLEASE CALL FIRST from P1 Coin Pay Phone 854-1435, 854-3826,854-1436 ( dial prefix 02 if using local cell phone )to remind our counter staff, Elena or Mercy and driver,Melvin , which of Manila's 4 Airport terminals, NAIA1, Centennial 2, NAIA3 & Domestic (Airport #4 ) you arrived. P140 / 1 or 2 persons, P160 / 3 or 4 persons and P180 / 5,6 or 7 persons .

TAKE NOTE: Although we will try our BEST to save you the room you prefer we can NOT promise to save a specific room, but only the type of room rate your requested as we've always welcomed present guests to extend their stays and many do.

Scroll down and read carefully for important Manila arrival information. Have a good flight and enjoy your stay in the Philippines. Explore the Philippine, 30+ webpages of travel help ExplorePhilippines at: and Your comments and Philippine Link Exchanges are welcome.

MANILA ARRIVAL: Usually we advise our guests to take one of the Taxi / Transport services which is after immigration and customs and just outside the Ninoy Aquino International Airport ( NAIA ),line / queue up on the Taxi "island in front of the Domestic Airport, catch a taxi in front of Centennial Airport Terminal 2 or in front to the right at NAIA3 Airport Terminal . At the NEW NAIA 3 airport terminal you can see brand new yellow colored taxis waiting to pick up passengers charging only by their taxi meters. ( P100 or less )

1. Outside of Ninoy Aquino International Airport Road( NAIA Road ), after the second set of sliding glass doors, look to the LEFT for a transport booth. Last time I arrived I paid ONLY P108 so I paid the young driver P140.

At the Metered Taxi Counter to the left, give our address:

Villa Carolina Townhouse, 31 Bayview Drive & Roxas Blvd ( pronounced RO HOSS) TAMBO, Paranque, Metro-Manila, Philippines. This is 10 minutes from all 4 airport terminals and near Bayview Towers.

Stress "Tambo" so they know the location is near the airport. You will be given a receipt which you must sign when you arrive at The Townhouse Hotel!

or From ALL 4 airports, you tell the taxi driver to follow NAIA Road & turn RIGHT on ROXAS BLVD until Bayview Towers is on your right. You're 1 minute away!

Continue straight on Roxas 150 meters. Turn RIGHT on the FIRST small street, BAYVIEW DRIVE. The Townhouse is 30 meters ahead on your left. WELCOME "HOME" !!

We are more than happy to pick you up at the ground floor ARRIVAL EXTENSION AREA across from the parking lot at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Of if you arrive at either the Centennial Terminal 2 (Philippine Airlines ), the NEW Terminal NAIA3 or at the Domestic airport just wait in front of the arrival area. Please call our land line Tel #s, if using local Cell / Mobile Prefix ( 02 ) if using pay phone then the # 854-1435, 854-3826 to request our driver, NOLI to pick you up with either our medium blue Honda Civic, Blue Delica 7 passenger Van or White Delica 7 Passenger Van with roof rack or please follow the directions above.
Townhouse Airport Service Rates from 6AM to Midnight
1 or 2 Persons P140
3 or 4 Persons P160
5, 6, or 7 Persons P180

From Midnight to 6AM add P50 which goes directly to our driver for staying up or waking up early.

1. Change a little money inside the airport be sure and ask for small change in P1 peso coins for the phone. Okay?

2. When you first go outside the airport you can NOT see this area. You go through the second set of sliding glass doors and see a 4+ lane road with a dividing island. Whether you exit on the right or the left move toward the center and walk across the 4 lanes ,proceed downward, turn left or right continue downward on the sloping ramp.

3. Call us from P1 coin pay phones. Manila Tel. #s; 854-3826, 854-1435, 854-1436, 854-0161, If using a local cell phone dial Prefix ( 02 ) Bill's Cell / Mobile Tel.# 0922-841-5540, Lorna's Cell Tel # 0928-250-1275. We're only 1-1/2 miles ( 2.7 KM ) away but with the traffic it should take 10 to 20 minutes. Look for a Medium Blue Honda Civic or Van with roof rack. We charge P130 for 1 or 2 persons & P150 for 3 or 4 persons & P200 for passengers with large pieces of luggage or Balikbayan boxes too large for our Honda Civic or 5, 6 or 7 persons in our Van.

Your ARRIVAL TIME? & DATE? & which type of room you prefer? to: OR

ALL TOWNHOUSE HOTEL ROOM RATES APPLY to TWO PERSONS + P150 / extra person with children 8 years old and under FREE. Every Room is Unique. By using the internet booking engines/ travel agents you are paying 10% more than our actual rates plus about a U$2 booking fee.

8 Room Rates with No Two Rooms the Same start at P180 /each in 4 bed dormitory U$=P41.5

1 ) P300 ( 4 Green & Yellow in main building & 2 rooms in Unit 11 ),
2 ) P350( 3 Budget, Cozy & Deck rooms on 3rd floor in main building and 1 in unit 11),
3 ) P400( 2 Bamboo room in main building & one in Unit 11 room ) and
4 ) P500( 8 ) 2nd floor White, Skyview, 3rd floor Bayside, 3 New 2nd floor rooms in adjoining Townhouse Unit 32) for rooms with share bath and one ground floor in unit 11
2011 Update No longer any weekly or monthly discounts available for P300 to P500 / night rooms
5 ) P550( 8 - 4 2nd floor rooms in Unit 11 + one ground floor Library, one ground floor lobby room two 3rd floor Sundeck & Seaview Rooms and one new 2nd floor room in main building #32) for large fan cooled rooms with private bath,weekly Discount 1 night FREE, P3300 / Week Advance

6 ) P700( 6 - Studio1, Bayview, Front, Family, Blue & Purple rooms ) for large fan cooled room with private bath, fan & cable TV,Weekly Discount 1 night FREE, P4200 / week when paid in advance

7 ) P800 ( 5- Lobby, # 1 & #2 in Unit 11, Seaview & Sundeck Rooms ) for large room with private bath and air-conditioning with weekly discount one night FREE P4800 / week Advance

8 ) P950 ( 13-Pink, Peach, Purple, Blue, Front, Family, Bayview, Coconut,Master,Garden,Studio 2 Holiday 1 & Hoilday 2 rooms ) / with private bath, CableT.V. and air-conditioning, with weekly discount one night FREE, P5700 / week Advance

P40.5=U$ Half Day Room Rates for transit passengers arriving / checking in during the morning hours from Sunrise / 7AM to 12 Noon and leaving / checking out during the hours in late afternoon from 5PM to early evening from 7PM or 8PM.

WEEKLY DISCOUNTS: We offer one day FREE with one week ( 6 days paid in
ADVANCE. ) for P550 to P950 / night rooms.

MONTHLY DISCOUNTS: are calculated at 22 times the daily rate( 8 days free )
for air-conditioned rooms and 24 times the daily rate( 6 Days FREE ) for P550 and P700
/ night rooms.

Stays of more than one month when Paid in Advance negotiable; ask Bill & Lorna

The Townhouse is the only place in Manila that provides a friendly meeting place for world travelers from 93 countries, Filipinos from many island provinces and Balikbayans from around the world to share travel stories and relax among friends with safe, clean, comfortable rooms in a your "Home Away from Home" in the Philippines. Since traveling around the world Lorna, Camilla and I were reminded how COLD the hospitality industry has become finding only a couple of places to stay anywhere near as warm, friendly and good value as ours; The Townhouse Hotel is special, among our most favorite places on earth where we meet some of the BEST, MOST interesting people who share their knowledge and experience openly with us and other guests.

Due to MANY email, tel or fax reservations not showing up and consequently refusing other guests who wanted the room we MUST maintain a " FIRST COME FIRST SERVE" reservation policy.

We can confirm your reservation as soon as you let us know your arrival time but we usually require advance payment for reservations. If you arrive before 4 PM we almost always have the type of rooms you prefer available. Sometimes, if you arrive late past 8PM during our busy months of Dec. to May, it's difficult for us to save the room you prefer but 80% of our guests arrive withOUT paying in advance.

We TRY OUR BEST to save you the room with the rate you requested and if you'll be staying longer since half of our guests check out everyday you can be assured the type of room you prefer the following day by 12 Noon at the latest, often by 9AM as soon as our staff has finished cleaning it.

If you need a 100% CONFIRMED booking:

1 ) Credit card payments: Go to send to or by clicking on the PAYPAL icons located on the "Manila Room Rates" web page of our website, EXPLOREPHILIPPINES at: on our website. Instructions:
1 ) First you register / signup at:
2 ) then PayPal sends you an email
3) then you click on the LINK which makes you VERIFIED
4) then you LOGIN to PayPal and CLICK SEND MONEY
5) then you fill in your credit card details and the amount and then LORNA's email address as the recipient at:

be made by DIRECT DEPOSIT ( +P100 Bank Fee ) from any
Allied Bank in the Philippines to our,
William and Lorna Collings ALLIED BANK BORACAY BRANCH Peso Checking Account # 1401-01094-3 to WILLIAM & LORNA COLLINGS or from OUTSIDE Philippines include SWIFT CODE ABCMPHMM Routing # 113391

3) For other Metrobank account holders send bank transfers to our Metrobank Bayview Branch Peso Savings Acct.# 150-3-15000269-0 William & Lorna Collings SWIFT CODE MBTCPHMM and Routing Number 0260-0284-6

4 ) For larger advance payments by electronic transfer from your bank to Lorna's New York Bank account at:BANK INFORMATION:
Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company New York Branch
10 East 53RD Street New York New York, USA 10022
LORNA E. COLLINGS U$ Checking Account # 11940701
Routing Number :026002846:
As soon as we receive payment we will email you back but keep you receipt also as PROOF of payment. .

5) CASH PAYMENTS in either Philipine Pesos or U$ accepted at our Manila location; VILLA CAROLINA TOWNHOUSE 201 ROXAS BLVD & BAYVIEW DRIVE # 31,TAMBO, PARANAQUE METRO_MANILAPhilippines

BUDGET TRAVEL INFORMATION: We do not have an organized tour of Manila yet but have all the information available that you need to see whatever you like. FEEL FREE to borrow our old editions of travel guidebooks to plan your travels. Our small library / book shop is also available to our world traveler guests with paperback books P30 to P50 and hardback books from P70 to P150. When you check-in look atBill's Travel Tips and other updated travel warnings and information on the wall where the maps of Metro-Manila and the Philippines are displayed. Happy Travels Bill and Lorna

LOCATION- Bayview Drive & Roxas Blvd;
We're about 4 to 5 KM ( 3 miles ) from both Ermita and Makati ( P15 to P25 by bus or Megataxi and P80 to P150 by regular taxi ). We are walikng disrtance to the largest Asian style markets in Metro-Manila, referred to as Baclaran ( pronounced bah-clar-ron )with several hundred vendors and small shops.

The MALL of ASIA, the BEST shopping mall in the world with panoramic view of Manila Bay with a fantastic choice of restaurants, American sized and quality HyperMart, 6 cinemas,the largest IMAX Theatre in the WORLD, International Designer clothing shops and a special events amphi theatre can be seen from our roof garden, only 4+km ( 2+ miles ) away. Live Bands play along the bayfront where you can take long walks in the fresh air. We walked from our house to the Mall of Aisia in 30 minutes or you can alos use our driver & vehicles.

There are other local nightlife places very near, local karaoke bar / restaurants on Airport Road and Quirino Ave walking distance of 1 km ( 1/2+ mile ) and about a mile away are 7+ bars inside the EDSA Entertainment Complex and for those who feel lucky Casino Filipino at the Heritage Hotel.

The Townhouse Hotel Manila's Staff, Bill, Lorna and Camilla wish you HAPPY
TRAVELS! If you need more information about travel, visas, retirement,
relocating in the Philippines, our family owned hotel near the Manila
airports, or our Boracay Beachfront Resort FEEL FREE to ASK US or check our
web sites at: Explore Philippines:


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Feel FREE to ask us about traveling, living, relocating, retiring and investing in the Philippines. Guests from 93 countries, the latest being a female PHD from Uganda, make our place in Manila an incredible meeting place for world travelers who exchange travel stories. We understand both the joys and the hardships of living and traveling in the Philippines.


I arrived in the Philippines in January 1980 to travel for 2 months; I stayed 4 months before reluctantly leaving. I met my Filipina wife, Lorna. an incredible stellar, "one in a million" individual in 1983 in Seoul and we moved to the Philippines in 1986 and opened our 3BR house to world travelers on a budget. After welcoming thousands of guests from 93 nations our place has grown to 38 bedrooms in 5 townhouse units, 4 of which are attached but will never lose its "Home away from Home" atmosphere. Almost everyday at The Townhouse Hotel there's a party-like social scene with vibrant, almost magical energetic conversations between our guests who have the pleasure to meet each other and share their life's many experiences.Often three groups with conversations in different languages are going on at the same time. So we've been exposed to every kind of person from all over the world and shared their experiences. Since arriving back in the Philippines Nov 2011 from traveling for 8 months my wife and I have been busy buying land, building houses and expanding our Boracay beach front resort, Casa Camilla for 16 months. Hopefully we'll be finished by the end of 2013 with a total of 50 apartments, 44 units for yearly stays and the six units in our house to be saved for short term stays.

Publications,, who asked me to apply with

some college 2-1/2 years - no degree - I've been traveling since I was 18, almost 30 years.

Awards and Honors
Luckily, my wife and I have been semi-retired since we were 30 years old, almost 30 years.

Past/Present Clients
3000 to 4000 world travelers and guests on a budget pass through our guest house style Townhouse Hotel / Hostel each year since 1986 so we do get a lot of feedback and share a lot of experiences with people which we can then pass on to help others with their questions and problems

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