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Fritz wrote at 2007-07-09 09:04:32
Standard practice in Philippines is to hold the patient hostage pending payment.  The patient is billed for the extended stay while waiting for payment.

This is documented on expat newsgroups, by the people who have experienced this practice.  Also common is refusal to admit until a deposit is made to prepay the services.  In a few cases the delayed admission has been for life threatening emergency care.

My fiancee's sister was in hospital for the birth of her baby.  The hospital let sis go, but held the baby as collateral for the unpaid bill.  The newborn baby was released immediately on payment of the bill.

They may not hold a patient for life, but the patient has no say in the decision on length of stay until they pay the bill in full.

The US may have major health care system problems, but the hospitals are required to ask about payment after stabilizing emergency cases.  Pretty sure it is the law also that hospitals are required to give free care to indigent patients with serious medical problems.  This last has made the ER the low income Family MD.

I agree with the statement about the honesty of 'many' poor Filipinos.  Unfortunately the hospitals have learned that they cannot tell the honest able to pay, honest unable to ever pay & dishonest ones apart easily and have adopted practices that enable the medical facilities to pay for their costs in providing care.

There are US hospitals that screen patients for ability to pay & some that screen based on race or residence.  These practices are illegal & have generated a lot of lawsuits.

candy wrote at 2007-09-18 06:00:40
yes, pls be carefull in sending money to someone u dont know. u should make sure to see the hospital bill. some hispitals are expensive most especially the first class hospitals. 2,000.00 usd could be true in some hospitals. my cousin's son was operated  in his intestine twice last 2005 in an expensive hospital in cebu and it cost him 10,000.00 usd. my co-worker was operated in his kidney (cebu hospital) and it cost him 1,600.00 usd.

pls. ask a copy of hospital bill and call directly the hospital b4 sending money.  

candy wrote at 2007-09-18 06:11:14
hi. thats was in 2004 and now its 2007. its impossible to release the patient if she /he has pending obligation.  u better not believe her. shes just trying to get money from u. what is important is that her sister is ok now. dont send her money.its done.

Rod wrote at 2008-01-07 01:43:12
I would like to add it might not be a scam. My wifes father just spent 12 days in the hospital. 1 blood transfusion, protien injections everyday etc etc. It cost 80,000p before his discount becuase his daughter has partial coverage where she works.( I never paid any of it I am too poor also and my wife never asks for money) But I can see 2 months costing 2000$US.

Whether it true I dont know.

BH wrote at 2008-05-31 17:01:00
It is now ileagal in the philippines for hospital to hold a patient in its care until the bill is paid.

I am unfortunatley enable right now to Quote chapter and verse.

but it was clarified earlier this year in the philippine press that this was the case.

I read it myself while in the phils.

I did actualy pay the bills for a lady in this situation last year.

And was very pleased to see that it is now ilegal.

jamesd wrote at 2009-05-21 17:20:28
when i had dengue 2 years ago, i spent a week in the hospital and paid around P50,000 ($1,000). that was exclusive of the doctor's fee. i think the girl is not a scammer. my wife gave birth just yesterday and i'm down with a problem of paying around P100,000 ($2,000) for a normal delivery.

punisher wrote at 2009-08-09 01:07:32
Hi Odi I agree with what this man have told you regarding your amazing filipina. Yeah it could be a trap or a scam that you are about to fall to. But as a nurse who worked  4 years in the emergency room of the hospital he mentioned (san juan de dios). But, on the other hand this amazing filipina you mentioned might telling the truth. In the Philippines because of poverty many people dont want to seek medical attention if they think they can still tolerate their illness unless they are dying. Maybe, in this case her patient suffered so many complications brought by dengue fever that they need to admit them in the ICU, maybe her patient is intubated with lots of IV medication on plus the blood transfusion which is the most important treatment for dengue. Maybe her patient had DENGUE GRADE IV (septic shock) that needs a lot of inotropic medication (we use to increase the BP).And this drugs cost thousands per dose plus the rent for the respirator (if intubated)which around a thousand a day plus the ICU charges which aproximately 10 thousand a day (san juan de dios hospital). in this case 100,000 ic certainly very far enough to suffise her hospital bills. I know dengue fever is a very simple case if detected and treated early. the patient will stay 3-4 days in the hospital with IVF and daily CBC (complete blood count) and blood transfusion is not require in this case. But, I also agree of what this man said you have to conduct an investigation before you lend your help. thanks. punisher!!

RGreen wrote at 2012-09-28 01:36:28
I have in deed known of people being kept in a Philippines Hospital BECAUSE  THEY COULD NOT PAY THEIR BILL!

One had died and family had to find funds before hospital would release body to family! please do not say all people in Philippines are trying to  ripe us off! who ever wrote this story had better do some fact checking before posting on web

J.A.M. wrote at 2012-10-26 08:18:49
I am a Filipino, sending monthly aid to relatives(not first degree) in the Philippines. I just want to say that I could not agree more to the answers that were written here regarding hospitalization expenses in the Philippines. Paying $2000 of confinement and medications for dengue infection can only be a SCAM! Unless the patient is confined in a high-class private room in a very expensive hospital in Makati or and an ICU treatment was needed.


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