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Philosophy/Aristophanes versus Socrates


Why would Aristophanes say about Socrates' quote: "The unexamined life is not worth living to a human being"? in The Clouds. Would he agree or disagree?

Does he think him a hypocrite or someone who does not think thouroughly on life and matters?

Raw Jesus
Raw Jesus  

The dearest "AVA" seeking Adam who was the Eve's mother & the grandfather of the God's cousin !

I answered your question before,then what you've posted is a duplicated question....though I try to post the rest of my "sensible nonsense" as a supplement,but you may find my previous answer clicking the following link:

...As always I answer the questions in a humorous way...hope you enjoy!

Though Socrates & Aristophanes were born in the same neighborhood,but they were thrown aside causing the "Sandy Storm" and a few earth quakes!!!The "pacific ocean" could be pacified opposite to Atlantic,exiling Aristophanes "OUT" of philosophers' cage !!!


NOTE 1:Aristophanes WAS NOT a philosopher...he was a "domestic animal" unable to think!!!

NOTE 2::Philosophers are "THINKING TOILETS",carrying a lot of "dung" in their paunches.They're kept in "zoos" as "Thinking Animals".

NOTE 3:Aristophanes was kept in the manger!!!He didn't have a sufficient brain!!!......Though a few years later,Jesus made him to leave the manger,leaving the place for Augustine & Aquinas plus a few Muslim philosophers!!!!

Since then Aristophanes has been "homeless"!!!!He is neither philosopher nor satirist anymore!!!

Manger was changed to "Academy" of course!!!Jesus was served in "Academy" as "Barley Bread"!!!

NOTE:...."Raw Barley" is being served for Aristotle ,Plato & Plotinus!!!Chewing the "Barley", philosophers change it to the thoughts!!!!!



Socrates was born "before Big Bang", imagining "infinite mosquitoes" vaccinating "infinite donkeys"...!!

NOTE 1:...I can imagine INFINITE mosquitos vaccinating INFINITE donkeys!!Then -as Socrates was-I AM INFINITE!!!!!

The "UNEXAMINED LIFE" is finite,for there are FINISHES for it!!You can deFINE everything , concerting a few finishes for the INFINITE!!!

NOTE 2:...Donkeys move their tails scaring the mosquitoes......mosquitoes  are injecting them as a doping!!!!

NOTE 3:Without the "coach mosquitoes",donkeys are nothing!!!!!Tufting the hairs of horseflies,the tails of donkeys are used either as a tassel or as a pinch.

NOTE 4:...Horseflies are evolved horses who can fly,instead of browsing the net by Safari or Chrome,through "Bing" !!!

Aristophanes was such a thing(neither an interdisciplinary thinker,nor eclectic)!


1)Aristophanes was just a brainless donkey...opposite to me & Socrates!

2)Socrates was a "bald" philosopher,but I'm a handsome satirist with a lot of hairs!!My philosophy locates above my hairs,while there wasn't any "philosophy" for Aristophanes!!

NOTE:My mind is located out of my brain,inside my nerves!!!

3)Being born after Big Bang,Aristophanes looked like Richard Dawkins!!!!

Born before "Big Bang"(at a "time" when wasn't any time),we're musty.... I & Socrates!!!

4)I'm more handsome than Socrates.....Socrates was very handsome,compared to Darwin,Hawking & Aristophanes!!!!!!!

Yours/"Blessed Lunatic Wiseman"(the nonsense/serious/humorous)!  


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Hi!I'm a newcomer here;a "satirist philosopher".You may ask your "serious questions",while I'm trying to "burn" the "alfalfa" eaten by "cows",digesting the "beefsteak" in my stomach!! You may chew at the same time a bar of "chocolate"!!!...In this way my "alfalfa" within the "beefsteak" and your "chocolate" in your "stomach",may be "reincarnated" to the "angels" a few miles upon our heads!!People call it "thoughts of ours",while it is just the "blaze" of the "Burning Bush",I mean the burnt "cow+alfalfa+chocolate",ascendant to the "Upstairs of the Existence"!!! ANYHOW;This is an effort to offer "basic answers" to the "basic questions" in a "humorous way",to help the "lay people" dig the "DEPTH" of the "GOD'S NOSE" as the "Cave Men"!!!!!! Questions are welcome about the "cognition" and the "Existential Cause"(i.e. philosophy of religion,philosophy of mind,and a few other philosophical branches such as "metaphysics";for example time & space and the "proboscis nose" of the "cosmos")!!! Political and social questions are welcome too,if-and only if- a "philosophical trigger" fires them!


I'm a famous philosopher author,trying to be humorous anonymous on the net.You may find my academic serious boring books on the bookshelves;but-here- I'm just a nonsense(i.e. an anonymous humorous)philosopher! I'm a satirist a satirist I'm watching the paradoxes,as a philosopher I quest at first!! The result seems to be a "REASONABLE LAUGHTER" at the "CRUXES"!!

You may find my humorous spoor in different sites on the net,but my serious books under my serious name prefer to be hidden in the bookstores!! My serious books are boring,I'd rather my jokes! ...I wish I could hide my location(i.e. my birthplace or the place where my body locates),avoiding to be attributed to the "beautiful poltician apes". Unfortunately-I couldn't!!....Though my "brainless skull" locates NOWHERE,somewhere else!!!

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