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Philosophy/western philosophy : Empiricism


similarities and differences between Hume , locke and berkeley

Newborn Kidman
Newborn Kidman  

Young Kidman
Young Kidman  
The dearest "krishtee" in the cosmos,posing your nose to the west as a bios!

I answer the questions without any bios,paying attention to the "central philosophy" of navel & nose!.....But no matter,since I answer the questions in a humorous way,you may pose your nose either to the east,or south,or north or west...wherever you love...just ...don't poke your nose into your ears!!!


All of them were amazed by the Kidman's nose!!!

Let's see:

"Nicole Kidman" was a "proboscis monkey" ,before a plastic surgery !!!!!!!!!!She decided then to travel to "Hollywood",to be a "celebrity" !!!!!

If I ask you to inform me about the depth of her nose,you may use your `SENSES`, making a kind of concepts,called "whatness"(or "quiddity ")!

Quiddity shows the shape of the Kidman's nose(NOT the essence,just the nose's authority)!!!

Kidman's nose is beautiful according to "Tom Cruise"(another proboscis monkey)...but to a bee,the BEING or EXISTENCE of her nose is the mountain,"Moses" climbed to meet "God Almighty"!!!


1)Berkeley was a brainless thinker,without any brain to think by it.He thought using the "Incorporeal Mind" of God Almighty.

2)Locke filled his skull with chalk("whiteboard" wasn't invented yet,then he might use a blackboard as the brain of his)!!!I wish he could use his "wisdom teeth"....but there wasn't any "keyboard" for him!!!

3)There wasn't any relation between the nose of Hume and the tail of his.He could move his tail without breathing(i.e. without any causality!)!!The two others moved their tails after breathing!!!

Yours/"Blessed Lunatic Wiseman"(the nonsense/serious/humorous)!  


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*Blessed Lunatic Wiseman*


Hi!I'm a newcomer here;a "satirist philosopher".You may ask your "serious questions",while I'm trying to "burn" the "alfalfa" eaten by "cows",digesting the "beefsteak" in my stomach!! You may chew at the same time a bar of "chocolate"!!!...In this way my "alfalfa" within the "beefsteak" and your "chocolate" in your "stomach",may be "reincarnated" to the "angels" a few miles upon our heads!!People call it "thoughts of ours",while it is just the "blaze" of the "Burning Bush",I mean the burnt "cow+alfalfa+chocolate",ascendant to the "Upstairs of the Existence"!!! ANYHOW;This is an effort to offer "basic answers" to the "basic questions" in a "humorous way",to help the "lay people" dig the "DEPTH" of the "GOD'S NOSE" as the "Cave Men"!!!!!! Questions are welcome about the "cognition" and the "Existential Cause"(i.e. philosophy of religion,philosophy of mind,and a few other philosophical branches such as "metaphysics";for example time & space and the "proboscis nose" of the "cosmos")!!! Political and social questions are welcome too,if-and only if- a "philosophical trigger" fires them!


I'm a famous philosopher author,trying to be humorous anonymous on the net.You may find my academic serious boring books on the bookshelves;but-here- I'm just a nonsense(i.e. an anonymous humorous)philosopher! I'm a satirist a satirist I'm watching the paradoxes,as a philosopher I quest at first!! The result seems to be a "REASONABLE LAUGHTER" at the "CRUXES"!!

You may find my humorous spoor in different sites on the net,but my serious books under my serious name prefer to be hidden in the bookstores!! My serious books are boring,I'd rather my jokes! ...I wish I could hide my location(i.e. my birthplace or the place where my body locates),avoiding to be attributed to the "beautiful poltician apes". Unfortunately-I couldn't!!....Though my "brainless skull" locates NOWHERE,somewhere else!!!

"PhD" in theology and comparative religions,and a few other degrees in philosophy,psychology,linguistics,politics,...s,...s,and [...]s,which are totally useless!! ...People go to universities to read books;though there are many libraries "in" and "out" of their brains!! ...I gained more in my "skull" than the universities and "schools",in which I've wasted my time for more than four decades!!

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